Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association of Florida

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A Veterans' Association
on a Mission

About Us

The VHPAF is a veterans association in Florida that is dedicated to bringing Vietnam vets together. We are a unique brotherhood that was born out of a national need. Our members were nurtured and educated in the finest traditions of the military and proudly carried our dreams and ambitions into the heart and heat of deadly battle far away in an unpopular war.

Each of us served and flew while many of our fellow soldiers perished or vanished. Their voices and faces always remain young. They, too, are part of the VHPA of Florida endeavor. We will never let them be forgotten.

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Our Objectives

As a geographical chapter, we are identical to those of the VHPA national organization. Our objective is to enhance and accredit the cohesiveness, esprit de corps, and traditions of valor of rotary wing aircrews that flew in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era. We also want to seek out, using whatever means available, former rotary wing aircraft pilots who were in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era and inform them of the existence of the VHPA and encourage all eligible individuals to become members.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing a local atmosphere where, through community support and periodic meetings, our members may reunite and promote the additional purposes of our Florida association. To meet these objects, we:

  • Participate in Many Veteran, Aviation, and Patriotic Events Throughout Florida Every Year
  • Set up Booths
  • Maintain Displays of Vietnam Era Memorabilia
  • Hand Out Free Literature That Provides More Information About Our Organization
  • Sell Merchandise of Interest to Veterans and the General Public
  • March in Parades with Our Vietnam Era Helicopters
  • Give Lectures in Local Schools About Our Nation's Vietnam Experience
  • Support Our Local Florida Communities in Their Events Which Coincide with Our Purposes
  • Throw an Annual Party for Our Members and Their Guests When We Hold Our Yearly Reunion
  • Encourage Our Brother Crew Chiefs and Gunners to Join Us as Associate Members as Well

Meet Our Representatives

We are proud to have 2 teams of fantastic representatives working for our organization. Find who is on our national and regional teams below:


  • Chairman of the Board — Randy Woods
  • President — Dr. Joe Ponds
  • Vice President — Gary Harrell
  • Secretary — Dan Brunger
  • Treasurer — Tom Tomlinson
  • Membership Roster — Tom Tomlinson
  • Listserv — Randy Woods
  • Veteran's Park Representative — Bryan O'Reilly
  • Chaplain — Dr. Joe Ponds


Copies of our constitution and bylaws are available to our members. Contact our secretary to request your copy via email. We reach out to potential members and provide a significant presence for current members in many of their local communities.

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